Thursday, 29 April 2010

Raw Photos

These are the images I took before keying out the green.

Old School Dub

I have already decided to cut the idea of extended dialogue between the George, market stall owner, and Qit. However I did want to experiment with some old fashioned dubbing techniques, so I have incorporated a short dialogue followed by distorted sound effects which aim to obscure any clear dialogue after the initial bit of speech...In the shots above I spoke and Josh Mimed. The raw footage looks quite good and I'm now working on a way to merge the footage into the still image of George behind the market stall.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Inbetween-New Storyboards

The Corridor from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Using a few after effects plugins and green screen footage I have composited all the various compositions into this shot of the corridor which leads from one space of the Wastefield Centre to the next. This shot is more so a link between the exterior fly by shot to the interior. After this shot Qit will move into the main production space which I am working on currently some other linking shots need to be created which will be similar in effect to this one.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Animatic from Richard Young on Vimeo.

The overall picture. When two different worlds of retail meet there is a transition that occurs. Physical or Psychological, an individual will consciously or subconsciously come to terms with this transition along a journey through retail space.

With the rough number of shots and scenes I have worked out reasonable durations for each, the overall length of the film falls in the right ball park of between 2mins 30s and 3mins 30s. Adjustments need to be made on the shot choice with development of more that focus on the space as the over riding context for the camera movement which will contrast the character based camera movements in the 1st half of the film.
The addition of the more spatial shots will more than likely simulate the movements of the fluid process that waste moves through on its transformation from discarded material into sort after commodities.

Rather than focusing on the character interaction of the trade in the market stalls, as portrayed in the animatic, the main focus will be on functions of space in greater detail and the built elements of the Wastefield Centre. Camera movements with more dynamism such as sweeping shots from high to low will give the sense of progression from a beginning to destination which can be interpreted as the progression of Qit through towards his newly established destination or of waste as it makes the transition between Westfield and Wastefield. This choice of camera movement will present ambiguity for the viewer but will encompass both the dynamics of the built space as well as the presence of human interaction that takes place in the Wastefield Centre.

One shot I have in mind could be a fly through shot of the Market Place that passes Qit at the Market stall but then continues onwards and upwards onto one of the Pods, so that you get a glimpse into how members of the public would use such a space but does not dwell on the character interaction.


As I have been working on various clips with a rough storyboard in mind, the time has come to produce a more concrete storyboard for for review and comments. It has been very useful in that I now feel more comfortable with the duration of the film and also the content. A few scenes have not yet been included and also the storyboard is open to change which will inevitably happen in order to refine the narrative and strengthen the overall impression it should leave on the viewer.

Westfield Mall Composite

Approach Sequence from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Consisting of a few panning and tracking shots this sequence helps reiterate the desaturated and stagnant nature of the generic Westfield mall environment. As Qit makes his way down the transfer passage the sequence ends up at a set of lift doors which play the role of a transition mechanism between the stark polarities of the the two contrasting retail environments.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Greeeeen Screen

A week or so ago I had got round to doing a green screen test shoot. Mainly taking stills for animation it was more of an experiment to see how much it affects the time needed to edit the images after in Lightroom and Photoshop before composting into After Effects.

The clip of Qit below with the character walking towards the camera was produced with one of the images from this green screen shoot. I have managed to capture most of the angles relevant for the carious scenes and am currently working on editing out all the green with the next move being to animated them once again.

I did however, on top of all this, take a bit of moving footage for another scene and will also experiment with some colour keying in After Effects.

Friday, 16 April 2010

You are the chosen one.

The Crane from Richard Young on Vimeo.

From the individual compositions below this is a short edit comprising of a few angles that capture the dynamics of the crane. A over all shot of the crane in situ at the beginning of the sequence is necessary so I'll prob get onto that.

This scene is the point at which the little waste men get chosen and hoisted up to the upper levels of the production spaces of the craft units within the Wastefield Centre

The shot that follows on from this is the storyboard shot a few posts below of the waste man with a ominous hook looming above his head. Little does he know that he has been chosen to embark on a journey of transformation on which he will become a physical message for the potential that discarded waste holds.


Wheels from Richard Young on Vimeo.

This is a close up of the wheels on the hoist

The Hooks

Hooks from Richard Young on Vimeo.

The hooks that latch onto the little waste men and hoist them up to the production pods

The Jib

Jib from Richard Young on Vimeo.

This is the shot of the moving pulley system

The Waste Men

These little guys are the actual raw materials that are utilized by the Wastefield Centre in order for the inhabitants to produce the arts and crafts products that are sold in the marketplace. They vary in build up in order to reflect on the varying types of waste that are produced from the Retail.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Next Sequence

I am probably going to start working on the entrance scene where Qit enters the Westfield Centre before beginning is challenging journey realising the outcomes of consumerism overload.

Facade Pan

Facade Pan from Richard Young on Vimeo.

The evolving facade is a little jittery and needs some working out but the notion of a changing facade is starting to be captured in this effect. Once the transition from day to night is complete, the switch to multimedia displays adds an extra element and to capture that extra bit of passerby attention. Oh, I just realised I rendered it for too long and it doesn't need to drag on. I think it can be cut after about 30seconds or so.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Facade Flyby

Facade Flyby from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Following the transition from the lift lobby, this shot passes the polemic facade and gives a sense of the length and prominence of the Wastefield centre as the visual response to the scale of the Westfields Centres facade.


The Passage from Richard Young on Vimeo.

This is just a developed version of the sequence I had a few weeks ago and now incorporates a few more effects up till the point wear he arrives at the doorway to the Wastefield Centre. The next sequence from here is above.


Meet Qit... from Richard Young on Vimeo.

I've been working out how to make this dude look interesting. He is the mode of transport around the Westfield and Wastefield Centre. I used photoshop to warp him and then composited the PSD into the After Effects comp.