Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Animatic and Tests

These are the two clips I produced for the discussions yesterday, The animatic is much the same as the one previously posted however, I have changed sound and think it works much better. I am also leaving that edit now and continuing to the next edit of a slightly different film that I see as one of the issues that was touch upon in the previous films. It is the ability of the creator of 'Camden' to visualise his perceptions and cognition of spaces as something that is more intrinsically embedded in his conscience and visions of his own personal space.

Friday, 22 October 2010


Scene 01

Scene 02

Scene 03

The Matchmoving process is finished!

Here are the final tracked pieces of footage. Three scenes but I will concentrate on the first two for compositing. If I have time I will try and do the third scene of the desk.

Bedroom City the Model

So I'm still waiting.....This is a screen grab of the model I constructed yesterday in Maya. I am yet to successfully render something as it is somewhat a difficult art to get a hold of. I am almost there and feel a major break through coming.

Once the matchmover has finished working it's magic this model will be inserted into the clip of my bedroom floor and hopefully the two will match nicely.


These are some screen shots of the first two scenes I am running through the matchmoving process. I am using Autodesk Matchmover for maya to process my footage, and create the simulated 3D space for maya into which I will composite my imagined city to fill my bedroom floor.

Shots of Camden

I'm just waiting for my computer to finish match moving some footage so am posting some photos of Camden.

Where it's made

These concept images are what I am currently trying to produce in Maya. It's going really well......................I will hopefully get there. I do want to make them erupt from the floor but I think that is quite a tall order for Tuesday but I may be able to complete that by the Crit.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Life is a Play

The ideas that I will take forward from the initial edit are those that allow me to explore how film productions represent fictional and non-fictional space. Which ever type of narrative space it happens to be, it will still involve a process of design that either exists in the affects the real world of the world of film production.

Production crews will use existing architecture as a framework to construct replicas of landscapes. In doing so they create new and altered environments which are surrounded by newly formed boundaries between what the camera sees, architectures of the narrative, and the adapted architectures of the real world and it's landscapes.

As individuals we digest representations of space that are contained within film. If we allow ourselves to become immersed and believe in the landscapes of filmic space, then at what point does this become how we perceive those spaces in the real world?

If we believe that film production holds the power to manipulate our own perceptions of space then why not begin to manipulate our own spaces in the same manner that the camera does? If we acquire this power we can begin to blur our own boundaries of how spaces and landscapes translate into the story lines and narratives of our own lives.

The key to this concept is that there are certain techniques and tricks in film production that are used to cheat the viewer into believing that spaces are of a certain scale, size and atmosphere. It is the constructs of these spaces that are the comparison to how we as individuals can construct our own lives.


These are two images that I produced to accompany the initial edit of Creator's Camden.

This one is a outline design of the spaces that I wanted to include in the edit.
1. A puppet land/land of theatre - This was to simply give the idea that what followed was that of a theatre play sort of idea.
2. The abstract city - A portrayal of an abstracted city that would provide the framework on top of which you can build your own cities for your own storylines
3. Tunnel - Elements of the space that you are heading for. Materiality of the constructs of the destination space.
4. My room - This is a notion of there being a creator. This creator is who manufactures the film 'Camden'
5. Footage of 'Camden' - this replays the footage of the 1st film
6.Virtual production space - This sequence offers an insight into the fact that 'Camden' was not a real space and was simple replicated and manufactures landscapes that were produced for the purposes of the film making process.
7. Final shot - The over seeing position from the creators POV

This drawing is a development of the first and begins to look at how the spaces surrounding the fabricated spaces of 'Camden may begin to overlap with the spaces that they occupy within the film production space of the warehouse.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Initial Edit

This is the initial edit of the opening sequence, of what will hopefully be, a fully edited version of Creator's Camden.

The edit begins to show how existing fabric can be manipulated by anyone who chooses to. Obviously I am manipulating the space in a virtual and notional manner however, the concepts and principles follow those of which may be demonstrated in film production in general.

On a narrative level the edit also starts to show how one person can begin to make various decisions as to how they see their world and what they may choose to believe what is real and what is fictional. The way in which we perceive built space is very much subjective. It is this subjectivity that leads to individuals integrating with space in different ways. As this edit stands at the moment, there are only a hints at how we may begin to manipulate space.

I will keep developing the narrative and the imagery with the intent of beginning to illustrate how space maybe formed with us as the creator's of our own non and fictional inhabitation of space.

Creator's Camden-Initial Edit from Richard Young on Vimeo.


This is an animatic I produced for the film. It contained most of the sequences scenes and shots I wanted to include, given the time constraints. I compiled them before continuing to edit them in more detail as you will see in the following entry.

Creator's Camden from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Test 06-The Warehouse

Once the boundary between 'Camden' (film) and the world of its creators is broken, the clip begins to unveil the falsities of the original film and how it manipulated aspects of the real world and virtual worlds to create and over picture of Camden.

The Warehouse from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Tets 05-The Tunnel to Camden II

Another transition to the world of Camden. Once Camden is reached the second half of the clip uses footage from the my previous film as the entrance point into the production space of the 'Camden' the film.

Room from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Test 04-Room

I am caught in two minds as to what this really can represent. Should it be a glimpse into the world of an individual that has made the leap from foreign lands to the UK, or can is represent the domain of the movies creator...?

I am yet to decide.

Room from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Test 03-The Tunnel to Camden I

A transition using 2D images to create a tunnel that resembles the Architectural language of the destination we are heading towards

The Tunnel to Camden from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Test 02-The City

The city now becomes more abstract as I want to hint at the notion of the city as a frame work for us as individuals to build our own stories within By only presenting a very CG city the point is emphasised that anyone can create a city, and in my case it happens to be a abstract virtual city.

The City from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Test 01-The Landscape

The Landscape

This clip is the establishing shot for the short. It has more of a light hearted feel to it as I wanted to experiment with more of an 2.5D animated space that resembles a traditional sort of puppet set. The idea behind this is to symbolise the ideas of a controlling body that may orchestrates the urban fabric. Or this idea can also be seen on a smaller scale of an individual and his/her control over their own life.

The Landscape from Richard Young on Vimeo.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


This is the storyboard I have mapped out for the next animatic/short edit.

Abstraction of Fabric through Film

What Next?

From a more abstract point of view I'm looking to begin experimenting with the concepts of people inhabiting space on more of a film production level.

People's lives are always subject to change and it's at these points of change, that events and external forces can heavily influence the choices we make in life.

From this I ask the question of what or who is directing these changes?

So I want to get involved with the 'sets and stages' of our lives engrained in the spaces we inhabit and uses in everyday life. It's these spaces that form the fabric of our cities which present themselves for dissection and manipulation when used for the purposes of film making, as seen when shooting on location and in studios.

Once this, now semi-real world, enters the camera the spaces no longer hold true to their original functions and as the creator of those filmic spaces the new constructs no longer need to conform to the rules of the real world. As the filmic spaces become more and more fictitious the boundaries of the real world start to become more and more blurred along with people's experiences of spaces.

Steady Cam

I have also been developing and making a steadicam, 'Everyone else is doin it!'

It is not yet perfected but this is how it looks so far.

Bit of planning...(really detailed).
Setting Up
Cutting etc...

The parts all ready for assembly

And that's that. I need a few more bolts and need to work out where the locations are to centre the cameras gravity but other then that, it has turned out well. Next thing is the test!

20101013-Different Production...Different Location

A program on ITV2 involving a Girl that has a diary which is secret and this girl likes calling....

Rework the Sound!

The comments I have taken from the Crit yesterday are ones that basically translate to 'Rework the Sound'.

But....Overall I feel the film came out well and as I intended it to.

So rework the sound! This comes after the dreamy piano loop was such that it almost brought a tear to my eye in light of just how wonderful a place Camden is!...

The film with it's current soundtrack is a piece that documents The Camden Lock and Stables and it does work with the edit in creating a romantic and poetic portrait of the place. However, in relation to the concepts and ideas that I am trying to convey, the sound design does not emphasise the moments captured on film that hold the most weight. The ideas of a multitude of different nationalities and the hustle and bustle of the place are completely lost with the deletion of the real time sound that was captured. By introducing sound clips of the area I think the film can become more powerful in the way that it relays the concepts of migration and the theatrics of urban spaces.

I am hence going to rework the sound in the next edit.

The Concepts of the 'Camden Lock'

The space I chose to document for the first project was Camden Lock and Stables area

I chose this architecture for two reasons:

01 - is to do with the migration of people


02 - is the idea of urban spaces becoming a stage for individual's lives

On top of that, it was and still is close, and I also am fascinated by how houses various nationalities and types of people whom all operate within the same space. Then you have tourists to add to this equation and it's this mixture of people that creates a temporal and dynamic combination of experiences and spaces.

I value this space for it's ability to retain a sense of permanence and solidity whilst also hosting very temporary forms of additional architecture and activity. It's this ability to adapt that draws similarities to the way in which people especially migrants may change and adapt their lives to suit the scenarios that we find ourselves in.

The scenarios in the Stables leads to stall owners establishing territories in which they construct architectures that form the platform for the act of trade to be performed in.


So there's two levels of ongoing adaptation that occur simultaneously:

01 - Architectural Adaptation


02 - Behavioural Adaptation

If you translate these to a city scaled context it follows the same principles demonstrated in migration to, and colonisation of landscapes, in particular urban landscapes. People group together establish themselves and begin to grow, develop and influence the cityscapes creating their own identities, communities and urban fabric.

For example in London there are several areas of the city which are inhabited by certain communities of various nationalities. There are large populations of Jewish in Golders Green and the surrounding areas. The chinese have also managed to establish a practice of creating replica urban environments of their homelands, such as Chinatowns that we find in many of our major cities today.

Camden Lock

Camden Lock from Richard Young on Vimeo.

A short film that documents the transience and temporal environment that is the Camden Lock. Focusing on the market spaces of the Stables and the Lock the film represents the values that I see as important for a space to adapt and change from it's original use into a stage for commerce, enterprise, tourism and existing. Various shots capture the combinations of uses, the people that populate the spaces and the way in which they all interact and alter their individual lives to fit the scenes that are presented to them by the dynamic urban space.

20101011-On Location again...same one

Back with the same production company. Oxford university this time, and one day spent in a fricking cafe!!!!! It was a nice day though.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

20101008-On Location

These are from the past few days on set for a TV series that I am featured in! The series is to do with the 'Feds' and the is about the partner of the late Inspector Morse...

I said my first lines!

Student (me) : Don! Are you ok?

My tutor at Oxford dies of anthrax poisoning! Hence the really appropriate question...

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Stage for Migrants

As the global population increases and the strains it places on global resources increases. The UK has had a history of fairness and generosity towards foreign migrants. It is the policies and prospects of a better life becomes so appealing to many from deprived countries. As our cities grow, the diversity also grows. Urban landscapes become evermore filled with residents from backgrounds further than ones imagination could comprehend.

So where do they come from? Why do they come? and Where do they reside?

May factors influence the answers to these questions and it is clear from our society today that, no matter what the answers tot he above questions are, they all result in cityscapes that are formed of broad varieties of architectures, social structures and politics.

This first image is a concept image of how an individuals life can dramatically change once the decision to seek a new life is made. Many barriers stand between poverty, that one may reside in, and the supposed dreams that the chosen destination might have to offer.

All going well and the destination reached, the life that lies ahead is one that may require major alterations. It is these alterations and adaptations that lead to a connection of how the architectures of an individuals life may be influenced. Many immigrants in our cities today make ends meat in low paid jobs and generally carry out many jobs that we british may not wish to ever undertake. The concept of making ends meat is what brings many migrants to spaces such as markets, the streets, and also the wrong side of the law.

Image 01

The concept for my film revolves around the concepts of those migrants, that may or may not be legal, functioning in the Camden Lock and Stables. The space is one of a varied background with its use being manipulated and changed to suit more commercial orientated purposes. In this space vendors of goods create the back drop and stage for commerce to occur and it is upon this stage that the various individuals engage in performances of sales.

Image 02

This chronogram illustrates the real world spaces that the Camden Markets function within and at the same time begin to bend the comprehension of reality. It begins to dissect the fabric of the real world into the fabric of fiction that has been staged/setup by the parameters of an individuals existence.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Idea 02

My second idea up for investigation is more closely related to filmic techniques and ideas. Over the summer I have been pursuing a path in stage/set design and through this I have started to question what boundaries are formed when film production is underway and completed. After working on numerous film sets most notably Batman Begins in 2004, I became fascinated in how fictitious architectures can be constructed and inhabit existing spaces. Gotham City's underbelly was built in one of two air hangers located in Cardington near Bedford, UK. What the camera portrays on the screen is completely different to what one sees in reality. It is through the lens that reality is bent and makes the viewer believe that what they see is an existing space generated through a fictitious narrative. To expand on this concept the film 'Synecdoche, New York' is a film that uses Shakesperean ideas of a Play within a Play. In the same manner that Caden begins to construct his life in a way that becomes 100% manipulatable, can this notion be applied in an abstract filmic manner to individuals that inhabit our world and cities today? If they can what are the factors that control ones life and how do they actually materialise in the real world? This relationship is something that can be drawn back to my original ideas of the reasons for relocation. What strings control the decision that migrating people make and what influences there existence once their destinations are reached.

This idea is more of a concept that I aim to explore in my filmic techniques and methods and will hopefully add an extra dynamic to the narrative themes I have mentioned in my previous post.

Idea 01

This year's subject matter of 'Uncertainty' is one of ambiguity. However, what this term presents is a set of questions that force us to take critical and speculative view points on where we are heading as individuals, communities and nations of people.

This year I will begin with two main concepts and routes of investigation into the notion of 'Uncertainty'.

My main narrative idea is the concept of migration. Migration is an event that occurs continuously for many of the worlds inhabitants. For humans, migration from nation to nation has been a exercise practiced for centuries with driving factors such as exploitation, re-establishment, necessity and change at the base of these events. This interest in the migration of humans surfaces through my observations of an increasingly multicultural world that enables individuals and communities of various nationalities to reside hand in hand in unfamiliar and foreign territories. Throughout the UK we are exposed to constant barrage of languages and cultures on a daily basis, and it is this presence of multiculturalism that makes me ask the question, 'where do all these people come from?' On a more personal note I have recently become more aware of my origins and background. Being british born chinese, I too fall into this bracket of the relocated population. I am vaguely aware of the reasons why my family ended up in the UK and it is this path of events that deeply interests me in how people come to the decision of relocate their lives.

What are the real reasons for this migrations. It may stem from uncertainty of individuals, families and groups of people. What uncertainty resides in the human mind to warrant relocation? It may be financial, strategical, calculated or out of boredom or necessity These reasons are what I aim to investigate in relation to how cities are inhabited and how architecture is influenced and manipulated to suit those communities that begin to establish themselves there.