Thursday, 27 January 2011

Outline Plan

This is an outline plan of the configuration of spaces that will feature in the film. From todays tutorial I think more emphasis and development needs to be given to the spaces on the left of this drawing. These sketches are posted below and portray a lifestyle contained within interiors that are familiar to those of the post war case study houses. These have taken on this aesthetic due to the significance of modernity in Cinema. As the ideas of stage, simulacrum and representation are fundamental to this film it grounds itself through the developments of early 20th century cinema, in regard to set design and production design, as this was a turning point in the potential of architectural space and film.
The right hand part of this plan is now void. I have decided to concentrate on the sketches based around the characters everyday life and how these spaces are portrayed as both lived in spaces and as stages of lived in spaces.

Next I will begin to sketch out more spaces that need to be designed that follow the newer storyline and scenes as annotated on this plan.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011


These are a few sketches of the first few scenes in the film. These are in chronological order and follow the movements of the character on another day of what he sees as his mundane life.
Bedroom Scene
Stairs between bedroom and kitchen
The London Underground

Outline Production Schedule

I have formulated a Plan. This initial outline will inevitably change but for now it gives me a little bit more reassurance of what can be done in the time that we have. More thought needs to be given to the written part of the thesis but I am sure that can be interwoven with the film production. I think that the overall shot list is ok, but I may refine and strengthen it but I guess this process will happen as I work into the narrative and the design of spaces, more carefully.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Character Study

Character behaviour study for film 'Y':

- blind to his everyday life
- smokes
- wears a Bushman Hat
- likes electronic Music
- white shirt
- brown mole skin jacket
- has constant need to see a clock
- listens for the loudspeaker

- blue suede brogues
- has a cough
- likes jacobs crackers
- carries a satchel
- marks his milk
- has only one bowl, fork, knife, spoon
- drinks black coffee
- works in a museum archive
- main pursuit in life as a photographer

- went to beadles
- comes from a wealthy background
- likes solitude
- plays the piano
- few physical possession
- lots of mental possessions

Character behaviour study for film 'X':

- controlled by time
- walks slow
- picks up rubbish
- visions of loud speakers on walls
- sees in vibrant colours
- likes trees
- always losses a one glove from a pair
- is followed/guided by a red pipe
- lights his life with industrial lamps
- enjoys skyscrapers
- has pink slippers

The points about the character in bold are the more important ones as they are currently governing how I am developing the spaces that he occupies. This is an ongoing development as it goes hand in hand as to how his two personalities shape his two existences and how they are designed.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Preliminary Ideas for Thesis Film

Overview of Reconfigured London

At the halfway point in the film, there is an establishing shot. In contrast to an establishing shot being presented at the beginning of the film it is positioned half way as a sort of reveal of the 1st half and a establishing shot of what is yet to come. It portrays london a very different to how we think it may be. THis therefore sets up the rest of the sequences to follow.

Renders from the Film London 1.0

These few shots come from the 1st half of the film and show a developing strangeness in that objects and fragments from 'Jed's' mind start to appear and become4 more and more apparent to him as he visualises the places of London he thinks he knows so well.

A Few Final Renders from Film - 33a

These are two shots from the interior spaces created in hte film 33a. It is a slight parody on my own activities during the week that we were asked to make the 3D modelled film. I found myself so engrossed in experimenting with the 3D modelling program that I decided to make the film as I felt.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


'What happens between shots happens between your ears'.

The Kuleshov Effect

The Kuleshov Effect was an experiment conducted by Lev Kuleshov in the 1920's which demonstrated how 'Any series of shots that in absence of an establishing shot prompts the spectators to infer a spatial whole on the basis of seeing only portions of the space'.

Film Art

'The human being is all important in the theatre. The drama on screen can exist without actors. A banging door, a leaf in the wind, waves beating on the shore can heighten the dramatic effect. Some film masterpieces use man only as an accessory, like an extra, or in counterpoint to nature, which is the true leading role'.

D Bordwell. K Thompson - Film Art, p.121

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

One long shot

Taken from the British horror film Death Line a.k.a Raw Meat it is an interesting portrayal of a space that actually has very few instances including characters. I think it doesn't need it and it tells the story of a space that is dark, twisted and home/workplace to a certain group of people. The way it complies all the evidence is also heightened by the sound which is very minimal but quite tense with simple a constant drip that follows you all the way through the underground tunnel system.