Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Animatic from Richard Young on Vimeo.

The overall picture. When two different worlds of retail meet there is a transition that occurs. Physical or Psychological, an individual will consciously or subconsciously come to terms with this transition along a journey through retail space.

With the rough number of shots and scenes I have worked out reasonable durations for each, the overall length of the film falls in the right ball park of between 2mins 30s and 3mins 30s. Adjustments need to be made on the shot choice with development of more that focus on the space as the over riding context for the camera movement which will contrast the character based camera movements in the 1st half of the film.
The addition of the more spatial shots will more than likely simulate the movements of the fluid process that waste moves through on its transformation from discarded material into sort after commodities.

Rather than focusing on the character interaction of the trade in the market stalls, as portrayed in the animatic, the main focus will be on functions of space in greater detail and the built elements of the Wastefield Centre. Camera movements with more dynamism such as sweeping shots from high to low will give the sense of progression from a beginning to destination which can be interpreted as the progression of Qit through towards his newly established destination or of waste as it makes the transition between Westfield and Wastefield. This choice of camera movement will present ambiguity for the viewer but will encompass both the dynamics of the built space as well as the presence of human interaction that takes place in the Wastefield Centre.

One shot I have in mind could be a fly through shot of the Market Place that passes Qit at the Market stall but then continues onwards and upwards onto one of the Pods, so that you get a glimpse into how members of the public would use such a space but does not dwell on the character interaction.

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