Thursday, 24 February 2011


These are two tests that mess around with the parallax within the scene. One was within the 3D modelled environment and one was within a 2.5D environment. The 3D one enables me to manipulate a lot more within the scene which may be good for playing with the objects of architecture which are embedded within any one of the scenes in the film. The 2.5D method also has merits in that it will help me emphasis the idea of there being a layering of narratives with the film. One level of parallax manipulation operates with in the character environment and another will simultaneously operate on a level above that which ultimately breaks the fourth wall which could occur again and again....

Montage of Spaces

This is just a rendered out version of the sketch montage posted last week which graphically tries to join up the various spaces.

Exploded Diagrams

The Stairs

As he moves from the bedroom to the kitchen, convention would mean he moves through a threshold (normally a door) and enters into the next space. That space in the film is portrayed through two mediums. One which is synthetic to the character and one which is physically logical to us as the viewer of a fabricated film set.

Corridor Scene

The corridor is a transitional space that connects the various spaces such as the kitchen to the archive. Each door is placed with a indicator above that shows whether the rooms are occupied. The rooms are intended to ambiguous notion of each individuals personal dwelling/cell of synthetic space generation.

Towers Scene

After apparently leaving his apartment he enters the so called external world. Firstly he travels on the London Underground and then arrives at his stop. The stop then is revealed as a internal film set and constructed out of a selection of matte paintings and sets on trolleys that are moveable. This allows them to be switched and swapped to cater for the characters need of spaces on his journey to the archive. Once at this destination of the towers he travels up them into the building which the archive is situated.

Archive Scene

The archive is the space in which the character finds himself at the end of each day. The space will feature throughout the film however it will only be features briefly in the beginning. The rationale behind this space is to provide a storage space/archive for each individual to place their personal logbook of spaces that they have remembered and imagined. Once the personal logbooks are there they are reviewed and processed by the synthetic space generators inorder to program the production of spaces for each individuals personal life and experience of their imagined spaces.

New Spaces

These are the other four spaces I have been working on over the past week compared to the sketches I made for the storyboard.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Everything Below on Two Sheets

Scene 01 Transitional Space/Overlap

This is the initial layout of the main space that the character inhabits. Establishing shots will run first with closeups of details in the room. The details will give us the clues that indicate that the focus of the screenplay is on the trail of events that an individual causes and passes through. The objects will be those which could represent characteristic traits of the individual such as types of clothing, cologne, jewellery etc...

The Second important part of this scene will be the method by which he travels between spaces. There will be one which might focus on his physical movements that occur, such as passing through a door. The alternative will be those which are more virtual which will play with the physical limits of

Scene 03 Transitional Space/Overlap

This scene is the one which he arrives at after leaving the bedroom. He will enter through the fridge as this will coincide with the slightly more abstract means of transiting between spaces. Once in the kitchen, the objects he interacts with are those familiar to all of us such as making a cup of coffee, or reading the paper etc...

At this point the screenplay establishes a set of events that occur and will continue to occur through the short. Once the events are complete he will exit once again through the fridge and continue into a world of increasing synthetic value and will hence begin to experience his own existence in a very different way that and see that the monotony of his life place right in front of his eyes.

Cracks Begin to Appear

These two diagrams are the beginnings of my quest to explore the transitional methodology through which to pass from one space to the next. It will consist of forced perspectives and playing with scale of objects with in the 3D virtual world whilst always being grounded by the characters reassurance of finding himself in spaces which appear to be familiar to him until the cracks and tricks are revealed.

CG Version of Storyboard Frame

These are Scene 01 and Scene 03 of the two more significant spaces in the film. The characters 'Safe Haven' of ideal living, his apartment, which is where he eventually wishes to be rid of.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Draft Synopsis

Initial Concept Visualization

These three shots are just an idea of what happens outside of the individual dwellings and imaginations. The overall cityscapes of actual London are dramatically changed as these towers spring up and litter the skyline. The towers are the physical spaces that contain the individual synthetic spaces. Within each tower there are multiple dwellings which all share the various synthetic fragments and representations of what used to be the built city of London.
Within the Tower
The City
Behind Westminster

The Relationship of Film Spaces

This montage of spaces was something I produced to get my head around how the various environments will interact with each other. From this I will begin to work out what transitions will occur and how they will blend between each shot. There needs to be careful attention given to the way in which each space is introduced and left so that the idea of a 3D space is left ambiguous and so that the viewer is never quite sure whether exactly the space they are seeing is real or unreal.

More Spaces

The three images are developments that I have produced for the second part of the film. The original four sketches from last week are still fully relevant and these are simply the spaces that follow on from those initial spaces. These are aimed at expressing the external/more public spaces that the character would travel through or occupy in his day to day life. They may seem mundane and maybe a little sterile but this is necessary to portray a life of slight boredom and monotony. However in the following post there is a more graphical explanation of how these spaces link up and form more circular relationships with each other. Through this circularity, the edit will hence form a rhythm of repetition and psychological claustrophobia.

The Logbook Archive
The Tower Blocks
The Corridor

Film Shoot

These are some shots from a production I worked on as a set designer. The film was a no budget sci fi film directed by a friend of mine. The over all concept was that biodroids have become part of society in the near future and during their integration with humans one droid in particular goes awol. This leads to a battle between the remaining biodroids and a group of rebel forces.

The film was mainly shot on location however one scene required slightly more design. This was the armoury of the biodroids. Constructed in the same location (the warehouse) I designed it on no budget and managed to produce a set as shown below. The design mainly consisted of imitation weaponary and clever use of lightling to create the millitant feel that an armoury should possess.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Initial Storyboard

Along with the posts below this is the initial storyboard that I have designed. It has helped me establish a starting platform for the development of spatial concepts and ideas which at this time are steering towards some kind of critique of the blend between modernist architecture and filmic techniques of early 20th century cinema and also how this can be transposed into the future through an individuals perception as informed by his recollection of the past.

In terms of the rhythm of the edit I think it is important to produce a cyclical feel to it through repetition. What needs to be developed is the relevance and significance of each space as architectural and physiological spaces. They range between sterile/haphazard spaces in that, within the narrative they are highly polished and simultaneously they are completely low cost and fabricated through stage production methods.

This exposure/reveal must occur on screen, in ear and through the portrayal of the characters mundane existence with in the real world…..and his imagined fantasy world of escape.

Initial Shot List

This is the shot list that I developed in tamden with the preceding spatial plan.

The Initial Spatial Plan

This outline spatial proposal is something that I have been formulating over the past week. It began with an iteration as posted a few days ago and has now developed into this. The idea behind this was to try and develop a series of spaces that would feature in the film. I wanted all of these spaces to draw some sort of connection from the spaces that precede and follow them. One of the main points is that the spaces would all be constructed as temporary representations of spaces that we can usually associate with quite comfortably. Due to the temporary nature of these spaces they have started to be realised within a much larger spatial volume which at this moment in time is not fully defined, probably some sort of infinite warehousey space/tower block that is situated in what used to be London.


I was asked to help out on a film by a friend. It's a sci-fi film about domestic droids gone wrong. Rebel forces vs droids. They asked me specifically to help out with the ideas and concepts for an armoury in the rebel base. So.......with no money, no equipment, no real idea, not much time (we shoot on Sunday), but with a location, this is what I've come up with.