Monday, 22 November 2010


To begin with after last weeks tutorials I started think about how I was going to create a synthetic space of the imagination. Perception and interpretation being two drivers are what I used to inspire the scenes that I captured as stills in the previous post. These are a few selected images from the initial storyboard. The main outline is that the open shots would be of all encapsulating panoramic views of 'iconic' vistas of London. The blobs in the sky are something I have developed as a representation of a mobile and free to move London. That element is a work in progress. Once the open sequence is complete the next sequence is from within a production house that appears to be manufacturing the landmarks of London. These are produced and them made ready to be shipped out to the urban landscape and fill the existing fabric with more and more buildings that have no rational geography. Finally we end up at Oxford Circus and it is at this point that the great reveal will occur in that the synthesised London is brought to life and the artifice of the city is exposed.

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