Tuesday, 29 March 2011


The Cubicles

To realise and place some form of rationale on the feasibility of these experiential spaces each user has access to a interactive booth. Within these booths they will be placed within a multimedia environment. The idea is that each wall of the cubicle will act as visual screens in order to simulate the space in which each user wishes to be within.

The key parameter in this process is that the user will essentially remain stationery and the booth will move around the user. If the user chooses to travel from one space to the next that space will be connected the current space and the user will travel between the two. This can occur continuously. Each time the user enters a new space, the new space is represented on the media screens.
The Metaphysical Cubicles

Opposed to the narrative based realisation of the cubicles that The Man finds himself in there is a parallel system in which the cubicles operates within.

As already mentioned there is the infrastructure in place which means the physical versions of these film set components can be transported and put in place for each user in time for them to physically walk and transist between one space and the next.

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