Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Un_Reel - Synopsis

The Un_Reel is an experimental short which focuses on Hyperreality and the way in which we perceive Architecture when created through photography, cinematography and image based representation . It explores the ways in which architecture, as a practice of visual consumption can manipulate, warp and enhance the way in which we imagine and absorb the cities we live in.

The film begins with a photographic portrayal of London where all seems in order. Little by little the cityscape begins to display traits of the uncanny whereby landmarks multiple, artifice is uncovered and the physical structure of London is questioned suggesting that London is actually fake, a construct that holds no relationship to authenticity.

The time comes where the conscience of Jed Wright is introduced and suggests that what has just been documented are the visions of London through his mind. As he explores deeper into his perception of built space it becomes clear that his visions are not of his own but of what he experiences through image representation of city life.

The progression of his state of conscience develops over the years into a state of complete synthetic existence where all matter is nurtured from his consumption of visual media in photographic and cinematographic formats.

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