Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Character Study

Character behaviour study for film 'Y':

- blind to his everyday life
- smokes
- wears a Bushman Hat
- likes electronic Music
- white shirt
- brown mole skin jacket
- has constant need to see a clock
- listens for the loudspeaker

- blue suede brogues
- has a cough
- likes jacobs crackers
- carries a satchel
- marks his milk
- has only one bowl, fork, knife, spoon
- drinks black coffee
- works in a museum archive
- main pursuit in life as a photographer

- went to beadles
- comes from a wealthy background
- likes solitude
- plays the piano
- few physical possession
- lots of mental possessions

Character behaviour study for film 'X':

- controlled by time
- walks slow
- picks up rubbish
- visions of loud speakers on walls
- sees in vibrant colours
- likes trees
- always losses a one glove from a pair
- is followed/guided by a red pipe
- lights his life with industrial lamps
- enjoys skyscrapers
- has pink slippers

The points about the character in bold are the more important ones as they are currently governing how I am developing the spaces that he occupies. This is an ongoing development as it goes hand in hand as to how his two personalities shape his two existences and how they are designed.

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