Thursday, 27 January 2011

Outline Plan

This is an outline plan of the configuration of spaces that will feature in the film. From todays tutorial I think more emphasis and development needs to be given to the spaces on the left of this drawing. These sketches are posted below and portray a lifestyle contained within interiors that are familiar to those of the post war case study houses. These have taken on this aesthetic due to the significance of modernity in Cinema. As the ideas of stage, simulacrum and representation are fundamental to this film it grounds itself through the developments of early 20th century cinema, in regard to set design and production design, as this was a turning point in the potential of architectural space and film.
The right hand part of this plan is now void. I have decided to concentrate on the sketches based around the characters everyday life and how these spaces are portrayed as both lived in spaces and as stages of lived in spaces.

Next I will begin to sketch out more spaces that need to be designed that follow the newer storyline and scenes as annotated on this plan.

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