Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Process

Collusion amongst brands and the waste disposal/recycling unit from the Westfield Centre has led to the agreement to set aside quantities of waste to be put back into the guerrilla couture initiative in a bid to capture lost revenue that has arisen as a result of the growing rift Westfield users & non-users.

Collections of materials

Collection of materials.

Where to find the anti-cool

The distribution

Delivery of the guerilla couture

The sense of exclusion

The production of garments, product, consumables will be pumped back into the local and wider areas.

If a sense of anti-cool can be nutured, the appeal will rise and attract higher levels of revenue.

Initial 3D analysis of the Westfield Site. The aim is to create a link by a systematic program setup in a Guerrilla manner that is powered by the re appropriation of brand power.

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