Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Sustainable Textiles

The local demographics of the Shepherd's Bush area indicate a divide between areas of deprivation and those of the bourgeois class. Interestingly in the immediate area surrounding the Westfield centre there are two distinct zones of deprived households indicated in black. The question that is being asked is why, and is there a way to begin to bridge this gap?

The Westfield Centre along with all consumerism produces large quantities of waste, whether it be physical waste, social waste or environmental waste. These are all disposed of through whatever plans and management systems that have been setup by the Westfield Group. Is there a way that this matter can be re-appropriated so that it addresses the ethics that need to be nurtured within consumerism. In turn can this transformation be translated and put back into the surrounding social environment?

The initial choice of site was that of the Former Odeon Pavilion Cinema situated adjacent to the Shepherd's Bush common. Being central within the Shepherd's Bush area it could act as a beacon symbolising a movement against the mega brands residing in the Westfield Centre.

The central element of the proposed building would be to facilitate a processing unit to tranform the waste form the mall into usable material.

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