Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Three Blocks

The materiality of the facade reflects the potential of up-cycled building elements consisting of a cardboard composite facade. The aesthetic of this paneling system starts draws similarities with sustainable issues the Wastefield Centre addresses. In a partially adhoc manner the stacking of modular panels resembles waste piles and how the disposal of waste such as packaging can be ordered into an architectural language.

Zone 02 is split into two main areas; the bottom level consisting of a food marketplace & a general marketplaces on the upper levels

Zone three forms the residential aspect of the Wastefield Centre. Due to the collective/communal nature of Wastefield, the residential area provides the foundation of the community. These spaces resembles the concept of preindustrial revolution cottage industry. By allowing individuals or groups to reside in a space of combined rest and production, an sense of progression can develop faster amongst piers, and push the Wastefield’s development into areas of investigation and creativity at an accelerated rate.

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