Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Everything Below on Two Sheets

Scene 01 Transitional Space/Overlap

This is the initial layout of the main space that the character inhabits. Establishing shots will run first with closeups of details in the room. The details will give us the clues that indicate that the focus of the screenplay is on the trail of events that an individual causes and passes through. The objects will be those which could represent characteristic traits of the individual such as types of clothing, cologne, jewellery etc...

The Second important part of this scene will be the method by which he travels between spaces. There will be one which might focus on his physical movements that occur, such as passing through a door. The alternative will be those which are more virtual which will play with the physical limits of

Scene 03 Transitional Space/Overlap

This scene is the one which he arrives at after leaving the bedroom. He will enter through the fridge as this will coincide with the slightly more abstract means of transiting between spaces. Once in the kitchen, the objects he interacts with are those familiar to all of us such as making a cup of coffee, or reading the paper etc...

At this point the screenplay establishes a set of events that occur and will continue to occur through the short. Once the events are complete he will exit once again through the fridge and continue into a world of increasing synthetic value and will hence begin to experience his own existence in a very different way that and see that the monotony of his life place right in front of his eyes.

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