Thursday, 24 February 2011

Exploded Diagrams

The Stairs

As he moves from the bedroom to the kitchen, convention would mean he moves through a threshold (normally a door) and enters into the next space. That space in the film is portrayed through two mediums. One which is synthetic to the character and one which is physically logical to us as the viewer of a fabricated film set.

Corridor Scene

The corridor is a transitional space that connects the various spaces such as the kitchen to the archive. Each door is placed with a indicator above that shows whether the rooms are occupied. The rooms are intended to ambiguous notion of each individuals personal dwelling/cell of synthetic space generation.

Towers Scene

After apparently leaving his apartment he enters the so called external world. Firstly he travels on the London Underground and then arrives at his stop. The stop then is revealed as a internal film set and constructed out of a selection of matte paintings and sets on trolleys that are moveable. This allows them to be switched and swapped to cater for the characters need of spaces on his journey to the archive. Once at this destination of the towers he travels up them into the building which the archive is situated.

Archive Scene

The archive is the space in which the character finds himself at the end of each day. The space will feature throughout the film however it will only be features briefly in the beginning. The rationale behind this space is to provide a storage space/archive for each individual to place their personal logbook of spaces that they have remembered and imagined. Once the personal logbooks are there they are reviewed and processed by the synthetic space generators inorder to program the production of spaces for each individuals personal life and experience of their imagined spaces.

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