Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Initial Storyboard

Along with the posts below this is the initial storyboard that I have designed. It has helped me establish a starting platform for the development of spatial concepts and ideas which at this time are steering towards some kind of critique of the blend between modernist architecture and filmic techniques of early 20th century cinema and also how this can be transposed into the future through an individuals perception as informed by his recollection of the past.

In terms of the rhythm of the edit I think it is important to produce a cyclical feel to it through repetition. What needs to be developed is the relevance and significance of each space as architectural and physiological spaces. They range between sterile/haphazard spaces in that, within the narrative they are highly polished and simultaneously they are completely low cost and fabricated through stage production methods.

This exposure/reveal must occur on screen, in ear and through the portrayal of the characters mundane existence with in the real world…..and his imagined fantasy world of escape.

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