Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Reassessment of Site

In order to respond in a impacting way whether for or against the functions resulting from the Westfield Centre, the intervention must occur in the immediate proximity for maximum effect. The Westfield Centre is located adjacent to two arterial routes, the A3220 adjoining to the A40 and the London overground train line servicing Shepherd's Bush Rail Station.

The nature of these two facilities sent me down the route of analysis related to Urban Semiotics as mentioned previously. Further analysis highlighted the significance of the these transport modes as feeding grounds for guerrilla branding. The slither of land sandwiched between the east facade of the centre and the rail line is currently used as infrastructure for service access and vehicular set down and pick up. Each of these elements running parallel to the east facade highlighting their importance when addressing it's monolithic scale. More importantly in a branding and identity sense of built form, the captive audience is vast and therefore will heavily inform the facade design and offers much scope for manipulation and spectacle.

This patch land presents the opportunity to erect nodal interventions that will facilitate the various functions of space integrated into the overall program of the proposal. The overall masterplan will consist of several prominent nodes which provide the base to what will potentially become a growing commune of multiple spaces responding to patterns of waste disposal and consumption.

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