Friday, 4 December 2009

The Wastefield Centre

'What are the new neighbour upto?'

The masterplan is taking shape! Formally locating the boundaries and parameters of the site has helped to quantify the schedule of accommodation.

The natural progression of the idea is evolving from place of production into a community of production. As the Westwood Centre is rather large, the scale of the community evolving is growing to match it. With the notion of establishing a community the nature of this proposal now aims at catering for a self sufficient design collective.

Interms of program this is how it is panning out. The production aspects of the masterplan are situated to the south of the row of blocks and a second phase includes accommodation situated towards the north.

From South to North:
Phase 01
Block 01. Waste Collection directly fed from Westfield's Service Yard B
Block 02. Composting
Block 03. Textiles Reclamation
Block 04. Textiles Mill
Block 05. Design House
Intermediate Spaces between blocks & Roof Space primarily used to cultivate Cotton and secondarily used for domestic scale arable farming.
Phase 02
Block 06. Accommodation
Block 07. Accommodation

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