Wednesday, 9 December 2009


So the from the discussions on Tuesday progress has been made. The next step will be to develop the architecture in terms of something more responsive to the notion of brand & identity, emulating certain structures that form our cities routes such as graphics, signage & most significantly, Billboards.

The cheaper slightly tackier vernacular of billboard structures will emphasis Wastefield's prominence in context. Something slightly more irregular and slap dash will then lead to a facade treatment that highlights, frames and to some degree critiques the functions occurring in the Westfield Centre and how they have been translated into its alter ego the Wastefield Centre.

The important point is the to illustrate the mechanisms happening in Wastefield and how they expose the contrast of the real and the surreal worlds of this area of Shepherd's Bush. If this exposure succeeds it will not only ad value to the otherwise disused stretch of land but also start to build trust and relationships between , urban semiotic spaces, the Westfield Centre and the Wastefield Centre.

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