Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Idea 01

This year's subject matter of 'Uncertainty' is one of ambiguity. However, what this term presents is a set of questions that force us to take critical and speculative view points on where we are heading as individuals, communities and nations of people.

This year I will begin with two main concepts and routes of investigation into the notion of 'Uncertainty'.

My main narrative idea is the concept of migration. Migration is an event that occurs continuously for many of the worlds inhabitants. For humans, migration from nation to nation has been a exercise practiced for centuries with driving factors such as exploitation, re-establishment, necessity and change at the base of these events. This interest in the migration of humans surfaces through my observations of an increasingly multicultural world that enables individuals and communities of various nationalities to reside hand in hand in unfamiliar and foreign territories. Throughout the UK we are exposed to constant barrage of languages and cultures on a daily basis, and it is this presence of multiculturalism that makes me ask the question, 'where do all these people come from?' On a more personal note I have recently become more aware of my origins and background. Being british born chinese, I too fall into this bracket of the relocated population. I am vaguely aware of the reasons why my family ended up in the UK and it is this path of events that deeply interests me in how people come to the decision of relocate their lives.

What are the real reasons for this migrations. It may stem from uncertainty of individuals, families and groups of people. What uncertainty resides in the human mind to warrant relocation? It may be financial, strategical, calculated or out of boredom or necessity These reasons are what I aim to investigate in relation to how cities are inhabited and how architecture is influenced and manipulated to suit those communities that begin to establish themselves there.

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