Thursday, 14 October 2010

Abstraction of Fabric through Film

What Next?

From a more abstract point of view I'm looking to begin experimenting with the concepts of people inhabiting space on more of a film production level.

People's lives are always subject to change and it's at these points of change, that events and external forces can heavily influence the choices we make in life.

From this I ask the question of what or who is directing these changes?

So I want to get involved with the 'sets and stages' of our lives engrained in the spaces we inhabit and uses in everyday life. It's these spaces that form the fabric of our cities which present themselves for dissection and manipulation when used for the purposes of film making, as seen when shooting on location and in studios.

Once this, now semi-real world, enters the camera the spaces no longer hold true to their original functions and as the creator of those filmic spaces the new constructs no longer need to conform to the rules of the real world. As the filmic spaces become more and more fictitious the boundaries of the real world start to become more and more blurred along with people's experiences of spaces.

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