Wednesday, 20 October 2010


These are two images that I produced to accompany the initial edit of Creator's Camden.

This one is a outline design of the spaces that I wanted to include in the edit.
1. A puppet land/land of theatre - This was to simply give the idea that what followed was that of a theatre play sort of idea.
2. The abstract city - A portrayal of an abstracted city that would provide the framework on top of which you can build your own cities for your own storylines
3. Tunnel - Elements of the space that you are heading for. Materiality of the constructs of the destination space.
4. My room - This is a notion of there being a creator. This creator is who manufactures the film 'Camden'
5. Footage of 'Camden' - this replays the footage of the 1st film
6.Virtual production space - This sequence offers an insight into the fact that 'Camden' was not a real space and was simple replicated and manufactures landscapes that were produced for the purposes of the film making process.
7. Final shot - The over seeing position from the creators POV

This drawing is a development of the first and begins to look at how the spaces surrounding the fabricated spaces of 'Camden may begin to overlap with the spaces that they occupy within the film production space of the warehouse.

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