Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Stage for Migrants

As the global population increases and the strains it places on global resources increases. The UK has had a history of fairness and generosity towards foreign migrants. It is the policies and prospects of a better life becomes so appealing to many from deprived countries. As our cities grow, the diversity also grows. Urban landscapes become evermore filled with residents from backgrounds further than ones imagination could comprehend.

So where do they come from? Why do they come? and Where do they reside?

May factors influence the answers to these questions and it is clear from our society today that, no matter what the answers tot he above questions are, they all result in cityscapes that are formed of broad varieties of architectures, social structures and politics.

This first image is a concept image of how an individuals life can dramatically change once the decision to seek a new life is made. Many barriers stand between poverty, that one may reside in, and the supposed dreams that the chosen destination might have to offer.

All going well and the destination reached, the life that lies ahead is one that may require major alterations. It is these alterations and adaptations that lead to a connection of how the architectures of an individuals life may be influenced. Many immigrants in our cities today make ends meat in low paid jobs and generally carry out many jobs that we british may not wish to ever undertake. The concept of making ends meat is what brings many migrants to spaces such as markets, the streets, and also the wrong side of the law.

Image 01

The concept for my film revolves around the concepts of those migrants, that may or may not be legal, functioning in the Camden Lock and Stables. The space is one of a varied background with its use being manipulated and changed to suit more commercial orientated purposes. In this space vendors of goods create the back drop and stage for commerce to occur and it is upon this stage that the various individuals engage in performances of sales.

Image 02

This chronogram illustrates the real world spaces that the Camden Markets function within and at the same time begin to bend the comprehension of reality. It begins to dissect the fabric of the real world into the fabric of fiction that has been staged/setup by the parameters of an individuals existence.

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