Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Idea 02

My second idea up for investigation is more closely related to filmic techniques and ideas. Over the summer I have been pursuing a path in stage/set design and through this I have started to question what boundaries are formed when film production is underway and completed. After working on numerous film sets most notably Batman Begins in 2004, I became fascinated in how fictitious architectures can be constructed and inhabit existing spaces. Gotham City's underbelly was built in one of two air hangers located in Cardington near Bedford, UK. What the camera portrays on the screen is completely different to what one sees in reality. It is through the lens that reality is bent and makes the viewer believe that what they see is an existing space generated through a fictitious narrative. To expand on this concept the film 'Synecdoche, New York' is a film that uses Shakesperean ideas of a Play within a Play. In the same manner that Caden begins to construct his life in a way that becomes 100% manipulatable, can this notion be applied in an abstract filmic manner to individuals that inhabit our world and cities today? If they can what are the factors that control ones life and how do they actually materialise in the real world? This relationship is something that can be drawn back to my original ideas of the reasons for relocation. What strings control the decision that migrating people make and what influences there existence once their destinations are reached.

This idea is more of a concept that I aim to explore in my filmic techniques and methods and will hopefully add an extra dynamic to the narrative themes I have mentioned in my previous post.

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