Monday, 18 October 2010

Initial Edit

This is the initial edit of the opening sequence, of what will hopefully be, a fully edited version of Creator's Camden.

The edit begins to show how existing fabric can be manipulated by anyone who chooses to. Obviously I am manipulating the space in a virtual and notional manner however, the concepts and principles follow those of which may be demonstrated in film production in general.

On a narrative level the edit also starts to show how one person can begin to make various decisions as to how they see their world and what they may choose to believe what is real and what is fictional. The way in which we perceive built space is very much subjective. It is this subjectivity that leads to individuals integrating with space in different ways. As this edit stands at the moment, there are only a hints at how we may begin to manipulate space.

I will keep developing the narrative and the imagery with the intent of beginning to illustrate how space maybe formed with us as the creator's of our own non and fictional inhabitation of space.

Creator's Camden-Initial Edit from Richard Young on Vimeo.

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