Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rework the Sound!

The comments I have taken from the Crit yesterday are ones that basically translate to 'Rework the Sound'.

But....Overall I feel the film came out well and as I intended it to.

So rework the sound! This comes after the dreamy piano loop was such that it almost brought a tear to my eye in light of just how wonderful a place Camden is!...

The film with it's current soundtrack is a piece that documents The Camden Lock and Stables and it does work with the edit in creating a romantic and poetic portrait of the place. However, in relation to the concepts and ideas that I am trying to convey, the sound design does not emphasise the moments captured on film that hold the most weight. The ideas of a multitude of different nationalities and the hustle and bustle of the place are completely lost with the deletion of the real time sound that was captured. By introducing sound clips of the area I think the film can become more powerful in the way that it relays the concepts of migration and the theatrics of urban spaces.

I am hence going to rework the sound in the next edit.

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